River Oaks Properties new center “The Reserve at Rich Beem” brings Smart Growth retail and dining to the Far East Side for first time
River Oaks Properties

June 15, 2020

River Oaks Properties, El Paso’s largest shopping center developer, is pleased to announce that Far East El Paso’s first Smart Growth shopping center is near completion and will be ready for tenants within the next 30 days and shoppers soon after that.

The Reserve at Rich Beem, located at the corner of Rich Beem Boulevard and N. Zaragoza Road, is a one-of-a-kind retail and restaurant destination. The 40,000 square-foot shopping center brings a walkable Smart Code-compliant mixed-use experience to El Paso’s fastest growing community for the first time.

More than two years in the making, The Reserve at Rich Beem marries the best elements of a vibrant urban shopping experience with the convenience of ample parking and easy access from major roadways and nearby apartments and residences. The innovative shopping center provides patios with shade structures and awnings and walkability throughout the center. This brings with it an attractive area for gatherings, walking, shopping, dining and more to the surrounding multi-family residential areas.

The Reserve at Rich Beem will include a diverse variety of tenants, including traditional retail outlets, specialty shops, restaurants and service businesses such as nail and hair salons, dental offices and more. The shopping center will also include common areas between buildings for gatherings of people to enjoy the outdoor music throughout the shopping center, the walking paths with enhanced landscaping, and the modern and visually appealing architecture and signage.

“Over the last two years, River Oaks Properties has been developing more than 500,000 square feet of high-quality retail space through eight shopping center projects in East El Paso. The Reserve at Rich Beem’s completion is a major step to bringing walkable and vibrant Smart Growth design to this growing part of El Paso,” said River Oaks Properties Executive Chairman Jerry Rubin.

“This project, along with others which have been completed or are nearing completion will add up to several thousand jobs being created by River Oaks Properties, all with no cost to the taxpayer. River Oaks is proud that we’ve made these projects happen with no city or county tax dollars to subsidize our developments,” said River Oaks Properties President Adam Frank.