Crumbl Cookies opens Friday in East El Paso at Eastlake Marketplace
Maria Cortes Gonzalez El Paso Times

The sweet shop offers six main cookies (and will rotate four flavors each week): cornbread, Blue Monster featuring Chips Ahoy, peanut butter with Reese’s pieces, a warm German chocolate cake, warm milk chocolate chip and cool vanilla sugar.

Crumbl Cookies staffer Nyia Lamb holds up a four-pack of cookies. A four-pack of gourmet cookies costs $12.63, plus tax. Each gourmet cookie, at $3.94, plus tax, is a handful to hold and even harder to finish. The most scrumptious seem to be the chocolate chip and the German chocolate cookie. The business also offers ice cream.

The presentation is special, which makes the cookies a good choice for a special occasion. Employees show you your cookie order like a proud parent — holding out a long pink box open to display the treats. A box of four costs $12.63, a six pack costs $18.76 and the dozen pack costs $32.87.

Takeout, curbside and delivery functions should start March 2.